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There is an established link between a lack of sleep and the perception of pain. Unfortunately when I have bad back pain, I just can't sleep no matter what, and that makes me grumpy and unpleasant to be around - I have a sore back and a tired head! Luckily, the work I have been doing with my chiropractor seems to be doing some good, and I've finally have some really good nights of sleep recently. I almost feel like a new person! If you want to get past your back pain and start sleeping again, then keep reading for my chiropractic tips.


Back Pain: 2 Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

19 June 2019
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If you suffer from back pain, which wasn't the result of an accident or fall, it is likely that the pain started out as a minor ache which progressively intensified. There may be times when you do not feel any pain in your back, with the discomfort returning periodically following strenuous activity. While you may be currently managing your back pain using a combination of over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs and home remedies, it is important that you understand when to see further help. Read More …

2 situations in which you might want to take your child to a children’s chiropractor

8 December 2018
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If your child is in one of the following two situations, then you might want to make an appointment with a children's chiropractor in your local area.  1. Your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis 'Scoliosis' is a progressive condition which affects the alignment of a person's spine, causing it to curve in such a way that it resembles the letter 's'. This can produce visible symptoms such as uneven hips and protruding shoulder blades, as well as back pain. Read More …

Improving your Child’s Posture

14 November 2016
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Getting children involved in sports and fitness is the perfect way to deter them from becoming overweight and facing the problems of obesity early on in life. Many gyms offer tailored classes for children, aimed at educating them in proper technique and improving their quality of life. However any good general chiropractor will attest to the need for proper footwear and carefully monitored techniques to reduce the risk of lower back injuries, which can have a detrimental effect on children who are still growing. Read More …

Eat that Ache Away: 5 Foods to Help Combat Back and Joint Pain

30 March 2016
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Joint, back and neck pain caused by arthritis is a very common complaint, with over 3.85 million Australians seeking treatment in 2014. While nothing can complete with visiting a medical professional such as a chiropractor, there are small changes you can make to your lifestyle to help relieve the aches associated with joint pain. While there is no diet which can cure joint and back pain, studies have shown that eating certain foods can help to reduce inflammation, boost your immune system while also strengthening your bones. Read More …

Natural Lower Back Pain Remedies

9 February 2016
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Are you one of the 3 million Australians suffering from back pain? Despite the fact that lower back pain is a problem, 70-90% of Australians will face at some point during their lives, there is little information out there on how to treat your pain without strong medication. If you want to ease your back pain without painkillers, here are natural, proven alternatives.  Healthy Diet While eating healthy is unlikely to provide any short-term relief, maintaining an optimal diet and weight will result in less pressure on your lower back. Read More …