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There is an established link between a lack of sleep and the perception of pain. Unfortunately when I have bad back pain, I just can't sleep no matter what, and that makes me grumpy and unpleasant to be around - I have a sore back and a tired head! Luckily, the work I have been doing with my chiropractor seems to be doing some good, and I've finally have some really good nights of sleep recently. I almost feel like a new person! If you want to get past your back pain and start sleeping again, then keep reading for my chiropractic tips.


2 situations in which you might want to take your child to a children’s chiropractor

8 December 2018
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If your child is in one of the following two situations, then you might want to make an appointment with a children's chiropractor in your local area.  1. Your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis 'Scoliosis' is a progressive condition which affects the alignment of a person's spine, causing it to curve in such a way that it resembles the letter 's'. This can produce visible symptoms such as uneven hips and protruding shoulder blades, as well as back pain. Read More …