Back Pain: 2 Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

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Back Pain: 2 Signs You Should See a Chiropractor

19 June 2019
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If you suffer from back pain, which wasn't the result of an accident or fall, it is likely that the pain started out as a minor ache which progressively intensified. There may be times when you do not feel any pain in your back, with the discomfort returning periodically following strenuous activity. While you may be currently managing your back pain using a combination of over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs and home remedies, it is important that you understand when to see further help. Below is a guide to two signs that you need to see further professional treatment for your back pain. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

1. The pain is stopping you from performing day-to-day activities

Most people who live with back pain learn that there are some things they just can't do anymore. However, these things are usually the types of activity which you might enjoy or need to do occasionally but which do not form part of your day-to-day activities. For example, your back pain may prevent you from taking part in your favourite sport or carrying out DIY which requires heavy lifting. Most people are able to come to terms with the fact they can no longer do certain things. However, if you notice that your back pain has reached the point where you struggle to perform tasks related to daily living, such as climbing stairs or getting in and out of bed, it is time to contact a chiropractor for an assessment.

2. The condition requires increasing amounts of pain relief

It is perfectly normal for people living with back pain to use pain relief to ease their symptoms. As well as making you feel more comfortable, pain relief can also help you to lead a more active life. However, it is vital that you closely monitor the amount of pain relief you are using. Unfortunately, it is very easy to slowly increase the amount of pain relief you are using as your back condition worsens, without really paying attention to what is going on. While you may feel fine, the pain killers you are taking could, in fact, be masking a more serious problem. If you notice that you are having to use more pain relief, you should contact a chiropractor who will be able to offer you alternative treatments which may help you to manage your back pain without relying solely on pain medication.

If you are concerned about your back pain, you should contact a chiropractor today.