They Just Crack Backs, Don't They? Other Conditions A Chiropractor Can Help You With

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They Just Crack Backs, Don't They? Other Conditions A Chiropractor Can Help You With

23 June 2015
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As a rule, chiropractors are widely considered to be the go-to guys when problems with back pain arise. Whilst this is a health profession that offers significant relief for any kind of pain in the spine, in reality a chiropractor can do a lot more for your body than you might think. The definition of a chiropractor is not someone who treats backs, but rather treats disorders of the bones, muscles and joints. It's important to know that chiropractors are a viable option for much more than back pain, and listed below are three other conditions that these professionals are able to help you with.

Headaches & Migraines              

Frequent headaches and migraines have the ability to stop you dead in your tracks, forcing you to shut yourself off from the rest of the world in a dark room until the pain subsides. Medication is usually the go-to treatment method, but often these remedies will simply offer temporary relief from headaches rather than helping to prevent their re-occurrence at a later time. Research has shown that chiropractors are often able to do what over-the-counter medical treatment cannot – get to the root of the issue to help avoid migraines arising so frequently.

Chiropractors treat every single headache as an individual condition, asking the sufferer questions about their daily habits, when the headaches tend to occur, and when the problems first began. Using this information, they can make the right kind of alignments that will help to relieve pressure placed on the skull that causes these headaches, usually beginning by making realignments in the neck. Tension in this part of the body can play havoc on the head, and improving the alignment and movement in the neck muscles can make all the difference when it comes to headaches.


Sciatica is an umbrella term for any pain that a person may be experiencing as a result of an irritated or damaged sciatic nerve. Whilst this nerve – the largest in the human body – runs through several different areas, severe pain is often experienced on one side of the leg or buttock. Sciatica is constant, meaning that anyone suffering from the condition will have next to no relief from pain for as long as their sciatic nerve is irritated.

General practitioners are often able to help patients who are displaying symptoms of sciatica by administering pain medications, steroid injections and surgery. Chiropractors, on the other hand, are able to conduct a series of alignments in the back that can help to ease the irritation that's impacting the sciatic nerve and remove the pain once and for all. A variation of adjustments can be made that help to relieve the kind of pressure that's causing the patient real discomfort, soothing the muscles, reducing inflammation, rectifying any spine misalignments, and aiding the recovery of any slipped discs. A chiropractor may perform work on the back even if the pain is in a patient's leg, but remember that the sciatic nerve is connected to various points in the body. Spine realignment can actually help any foot pain when it comes to sciatica, and chiropractors offer a great method to resolve what can be an extremely painful condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that anyone can develop at any age, although it appears to be most common in people who spend a long time typing on computer keyboards, especially women in their middle-age. This ailment is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist, called the median nerve, and sufferers will often begin to experience limited use of their hand as CTS progresses.

Chiropractors can actually help a great deal when it comes to this condition, with their work proven to have been just as beneficial as medical treatment. Instead of focusing solely on the wrist and hand, many of these health care professionals will apply pressure and realignments to the neck, arm and elbow. This helps to stimulate blood flow in the body, reduce tension, and subsequently allow the nerve to flow freely into the hand. Regular exercises and stretching may also be recommended in order to help prevent the condition reoccurring.

Remember to keep chiropractors in mind if you ever develop a muscle, bone, tendon or nerve ailment anywhere in your body. Chances are they will be able to make the kind of adjustments that will help immensely. For more information, contact a local clinic like Surfers Paradise Chiropractic Centre