Getting Chiropractic Adjustments While Pregnant

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Getting Chiropractic Adjustments While Pregnant

18 June 2015
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As many pregnant women can attest, pregnancy can play havoc with your back. Many women find chiropractic treatment can help relieve back pain and make their pregnancy much more comfortable. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your chiropractor care.

Let your chiropractor know about your pregnancy early

Be sure to let your chiropractor know about your pregnancy early on, as soon as you are aware you are pregnant. Pregnancy releases a hormone called relaxin, which loosens joints early on. Letting your chiropractor know about your potentially looser joint and they can adjust their treatment for your maximum comfort.

Chiropractor care has also been anecdotally noted, as helping with nausea, so be sure to let your chiropractor know if you are feeling nauseous. It's worth a try at least.

Start relieving back pain and pelvis pain

Chiropractor care can help you manage back pain, but as the weight of your pregnancy increases you can also experience pelvic pain from the weight and misalignment. By adjusting your spine, your weight will flow more evenly into your pelvis leading to a more comfortable pregnancy. Be sure to let your chiropractor know about specific times of the day that your pain flairs up, or any activities which you find aggravating. This can help them to locate specific areas, which may be out of alignment, and help to adjust their therapy accordingly.

You may also find that if your sleeping time is one of the times you experience back or pelvic pain your chiropractor can advise on sleeping position or new body pillows, which may be able to help your pain.

Bring along your birthing partner to the chiropractor session

Bringing along your birthing partner to your chiropractor sessions can help them learn about ways to relieve back pain during labour and assist in relaxing you. If you are able to manage your pain during early labour you may be able to put off chemical pain relievers and could find that your labour proceeds more smoothly.

If your birthing partner feels comfortable and educated in giving you massage and relief, then your partner can be a useful and supportive asset during your labour. They will also feel like they are an important part of the process, too.

Chiropractor therapy during pregnancy can help ensure you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible, and limit your back and pelvic pain. Make an appointment with a chiropractor today to start getting some relief from spinal and pelvic pain.